Client: Spring by Ha Yuan

Spring by Ha Yuan is something that is very close to home. As a Filipino-Chinese, I tend to crave for certain foods which Spring has to offer. My first project with Spring was to create a wall mural that would depict the philosophy and history of the brand. Included is an illustration of the grandparents who started it all. Now there’s Suzy Lee, the grand daughter who is now continuing the legacy.

The wall mural illustration was printed directly onto the wood pannel and as you can see below we made it to look more faded as it was transferred on to achieve that vintage look.

531755_445416342201815_978189851_n 522121_472160652813158_10927161_n spring-wall-art-resized-lowres

Here’s the Mooncake box that I worked on together with Suzy and was enthused when yummy magazine featured it on their instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.51.58 PM

Here’s a menu board and hand held menu we worked on as well.

low-res-for-reference store-menu-01-lowres1